We will be adding some more pictures and updates shortly!

My wife Melissa and I are the owners. I got the name from my initials but it also works as Chad and Melissa Briggs. I am very fortunate to have a wife who not only helps me but is just as passionate about Cane Corsos as I am. 

I first saw a Cane Corso back in 2005 when I bought a Dogs USA magazine. Before that I had German Shepherds and was very interested in Rottweilers. I did my first dog show in 2nd grade. The picture from it is on the bottom of the page. I am in a blue shirt with a German Shepherd. I always knew I wanted to breed dogs so I started doing a lot of research. Besides Cane Corsos I was also interested in Presa Canarios, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. I decided on Cane Corsos because I felt they combize size, athletic ability, protection, and intelligence the best. I truly believe Cane Corsos are the complete package.  I bought Ice in May of 2007. He was my first Cane Corso and I had the intention of making him my foundation male. I was inexperienced and bought him out of the newspaper. I was 19 and price shopping. I thought I was getting a deal. He is a great dog but is very nervous with people because of no socialization. I ended up getting him neutered because I did not want him to pass that on to puppies. Basically when I got Ice I got a puppy that had no socialization, was abused, and malnourished. In 2008 I decided I wanted to buy a female to start my breeding program. She was planned as a 21st birthday gift to myself. I did some research and saw that BodyGuard Cane Corso was not far from my house. I went to visit and check out his dogs. I liked what I saw so I decided to get a puppy from him. Lira is a great dog and exactly what I look for in a Cane Corso. We had out first litter in 2010. That is where we got Remy. She is the first dog to carry the CMB name that we own and it gives us a large sense of accomplishment. 

I read a lot of books and articles online before the litter. They give you an idea of what your getting into but nothing beats hands on learning. I was very fortunate to get a lot of help from Christina Moore, John & Suzanne Bucher, Shauna DeMoss, Janet Gigante, and Alpha Grinion. Their help was very important and I really appreciate it. I have been spending a lot of time studying the breed. I am planning to get a lot more involved in dog shows. If you are using a handler I strongly suggest Derek Matson. He is a very successful handler and very knowledgeable about the breed. 

Our plans for the future are to buy a big piece of land to expand our breeding program. We are both currently in school. Melissa is studying to be a RN and then continuing on to be a CRNA. I am currently studying for my insurance license. In the future we plan on breeding Bengal or Savannah cats. Melissa has always been into cats and as her husband it is my job to help. Our dream is that one day we can have a large farm with a variety of animals. Hopefully when it is time we hope that our children can continue our breeding programs.