CMB's Daisy Dukes
Daisy is the daughter of BodyGuard's Lira di CMB and Appalachian's Zero. She was born on 11/20/2011. Daisy is the puppy I kept from Lira's second litter. From the time we started to see the puppies develop personalities she just had a confidence about her. She always carries herself with a sense of pride. Daisy is very protective but docile with her family. Any person or animal in the house she is very affectionate with. She loves to cuddle with Jade our French Bulldog.
Bodyguard's Lira
Lira is the daughter of BodyGuard's Brooklynn and BodyGuard's Sparks. She was born 6/1/2008. Lira is my foundation female. She was my 21st birthday gift to myself. Lira has the ideal temperament. I often refer to her as a lightswitch personality. She loves everything but if the situation calls for it she becomes extremely protective. Lira's mothering instinct is very strong. She treats Jade the French Bulldog like one of her own puppies.