Mercedes passed away at 12 years old due to hip problems. She was the dog we got while I was in high school. Mercedes was always very attached to me. She always wanted to be around me and listened to me the best. Mercedes was great with the Corsos. She always treated them like she was their mother. We always had a joke that the puppies were her fountain of youth. Mercedes is greatly missed.
Ice passed away at 7 years old from cancer. He was my first Cane Corso and I was very lucky to get 7 years with him. Basically I was 19 years old and saw an ad that said "Blue Cane Corso Puppies $500." Being 19 and uneducated I shopped by price. I got there to see him and at 3 months old he did not meet any people. The guy used the house just to keep dogs. You could smell the house from the street. He had 2 plastic pools setup. One was for food and one was for water. When I was there to get Ice I saw him hit the puppies with a broom. When I say hit, I mean HIT! Ice was so nervous that when I picked him up he had diarrhea all over me. He was very thin. I left but I only made it a couple of blocks before I had to turn around and go back for him. I couldn't leave him behind. From the environment he came from Ice had some issues even though I extensively socialized him. The guy tried to make him vicious uard dog but instead made him skittish. With us he was always very trusting. He will always be very special to me. I badly miss him and was very lucky to be able to call him my dog.