CMB's Remy the Hemi
Remy was born on 9/15/2010. She is the puppy I kept from my first litter. We decided not to put Remy in our breeding program. That is a decision I do not think she is happy with. Every time one of our other girls go in heat Remy has a false pregnancy. Remy was very sick as a puppy with an upper respiratory infection and needed extra care. During that time I developed a really strong bond with her and I could not sell her.
                                           Kimbertal's King Of The Castle
King was born on 10/27/2015. I always wanted a Doberman. When I bought King I was intending on getting a Doberman just not at that time. I have his breeder on my Facebook page and I read his story. King was returned twice before he was  months old. The first home the older dog kept trying to attack him and the second home the older dog tore his CCL playing with him so they returned King to get the money back for the surgery. I showed Melissa his story and she said "let's go look at him." She told me to stop at the bank and get money so even though she won't admit it, she knows we were coming home with him. King hs been a great fit. His athleticism and intelligence is amazing. King adores Jade. They are either wrestling with each other or cuddling.
Jade was born on 2/7/2016. Melissa always wanted a French Bulldog. When we bought Jade we did not intend on buying a puppy. We were just going to talk and get some information. The minute we started playing with her I knew she was coming home with us. Sure enough we did. Jade is a great dog. She is a big time cuddler. Jade loves to hang out with King. They are either wrestling or cuddling. She may be a little dog but she has a very big personality.